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National RoboSprint

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National RoboSprint

CRG has managed to bring both national and international laurels by consistently winning various competitions like the National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC), organized by EME College, NUST and ROBOCON sponsored by World Broadcasting Association (WBA). One of the robots named ‘Ayaan Rover’ has won at NASCON 2010 and EMCOT 2010 as well.

The winning teams were exuberant and expressed themselves by profusely praising the efforts of Case University faculty and RoboSprint organizers. The general category was won comprehensively by CASE. All three positions went to CASE teams with robots Neutrino, Assassin 1 & 2 and Buraq/Majesty taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd postion respectively. The ‘Special’ category was also won by CASE (Stallion). The category represents younger competitors in the 1st and 2nd year of engineering; however, their work was far ahead of their level. Best Engineering Design went to Spartan of Case University.