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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at SS-CASE-IT offers interesting and challenging career paths for our future engineers.


All these paths lead to in demand job opportunities not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. The students are trained and equipped with knowledge and modern hardware and software tools in electrical engineering, cyber security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and embedded systems, that helps them become the leaders in the modern job arena.

Department of ECE also offers the following postgraduate degrees

  1. MS Electrical Engineering Program

  2. PhD Electrical Engineering Program

ECE Program Education Objectives (PEO)

The educational objectives of the BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Programs are to graduate students who have the following attributes five years after their graduation.

  1. The graduates are competent to solve technical problems using engineering principles, tools and practices, in an ethical and responsible manner.
  2. The graduates are able to think critically and creatively, especially about the use of technology to address local and global problems.
  3. The graduates are able to communicate effectively and have the necessary skills to lead and engage in a globally competitive world.
  4. The graduates are able to utilize formal and informal learning opportunities to maintain and enhance technical, personal and professional growth

Bachelor's Graduates

Bachelor's recipients were employed, or both, within six months of graduation.

Master's Graduates


PhD Graduates




Dr. Abdul Khaliq ( Professor and Dean (EE) )Dr. Abdul Khaliq

Dean’s Message

It is with great pleasure I want to congratulate everyone that CASE is now a degree-awarding institute under the Federal Government Act of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) No. F.9(26)/2018-Legis dated May 22, 2018. As per the new act, CASE has transformed into Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS CASE IT).

We have moved to our newly constructed custom-built campus located at Block A, Multi Garden, Sector B-17, Islamabad since November 19, 2018. A historic date indeed!!

Faculty of Engineering is running five programs at Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels in the area of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Science. We have already graduated more than +2000 students who have already taken important positions in various national and multinational organizations.

I am extremely confident in the future of engineering and computer sciences education and research at the SS CASE IT. The institute has strong leadership in place, remarkable faculty, an excellent student base, and an amazing group of supporters in you, our alumni. We will continue to provide quality research and educational experience to equip the next generation of Top notch brilliant Engineers and Computer Scientists.

I welcome you to be part of this faculty.