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General Information Videos

Career Counseling Session

With VC – SS-CASE-IT, Dr. Shafaat A. Bazaz.

Video Timlines

  1. 00:01 – Welcome Note & Introduction of VC – SSCASEIT.
  2. 01:40 – Session Introduction by Dr, Shafaat A. Bazaz.
  3. 02:10 – What are
  4. Business Analytics and their need in the market?
  5. 05:19 – Is SSCASEIT the first institute to launch Business Analytics at Undergraduate Level?
  6. 06:27 – What different SSCASEIT offers in the Business Analytics program?
  7. 08:40 – Job Opportunities and Salaries after completing this undergraduate program.
  8. 10:09 – Fundamental knowledge at the intermediate level is required to enter this program.
  9. 11:22 – Opportunities for Pre-Medical students.
  10. 12:35 – Why choose SSCASEIT for the Business Analytics program & Faculty profiles?
  11. 14:00 – Hostel and Transport facilities at SSCASEIT.
  12. 14:52 – Ending Note and Message by VC Dr. Shafaat A. Bazaz to students.

General Information Videos

SS-CASE-IT Campus Video

Lab engineer Anmol Kiran (Gold medalist from Batch 2017) sharing her journey.

Interviewing SS-CASE-IT University Students

IEEE - In it to win it

ABU Robocon 2019

Student Life at SS-CASE-IT