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Taimoor Tanveer

Masters from the Department of Digital System Design, SEECS, NUST
Qt Software Engineer at "Integrated Computer Solutions" USA

Taimoor Tanveer is our alumni of Batch 2008 from the ECE Department, SS-CASE-IT, Pakistan. Later on, he pursued his Masters from the Department of Digital System Design, SEECS, NUST. His research topic was to Reduce PPG Motion Artefacts from Wearable Sensors using Signal Processing Algorithms.

As Qt Software Engineer at “Integrated Computer Solutions” ICS, he is responsible for combining intuitive user experience (UX) design and world-class software development expertise with full product realisation services around embedded and desktop applications to create trans formative products for a connected world. Previously, he spent five years leading a UI design and development team for an R&D engineering organisation working on multi-disciplinary software technologies and embedded software for leading-edge products.

Professional Achievements

Instrument Cluster Development: Developed Vehicle Instrument Clusters systems for Automotive Industries (Proton and BMW)

UI Development and Robotics Workshops: He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars throughout Pakistan that were conducted by CASE Robotics Group.