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Saad Azhar

PhD in Machine Learning at George Mason University -Virginia,USA
Senior Data Scientist in Capital One, Washington DC, USA

Saad Azhar is our alumni of Batch 2012 from the Computer Science Department, SS-CASE-IT, Pakistan. He completed his undergraduate studies with a merit-based scholarship in 2016. He completed his Master of Science degree in Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence from George Mason University – Virginia, USA with excellent academic standings and with scholarship. Since, then he has been based in Washington DC, USA, and has been working as a Senior Data Scientist in Capital One. Capital One is a Fortune 100 company in the world and was recently categorized as a top 20 company to work for in the USA.

Recent Awards and Achievements He is also enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Machine Learning at George Mason University – Virginia, USA with a fully funded scholarship. His research activities are focused on Deep learning in the finance industry. His two cents for new graduates Try to dream big. When you dream big, you start to explore the boundaries and that is when you end up reaching your goals and that is what differentiates you from other people. Moreover, try to work hard on something at which you are not good because hard work is the solution to every problem out there.