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Awais Ahmed

Masters degree from University of Bremen, Germany
Senior HDL Developer, Basler Group AG, Germany

Awais Ahmed is alumni of batch 2006 from the ECE Department, SS-CASE-IT, Pakistan. The excellent faculty of CASE equipped him with ample knowledge that he was able to acquire fully funded bachelor’s final year project from National Institute of Electronics, Islamabad, Pakistan. Even before finishing his bachelor’s degree, he started working as a Design Engineer at CARE. He was the key member of the team who developed and later deployed network centric application based on deep packet inspection methods in Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After serving at CARE, he went to Germany to pursue his dreams for higher studies. He was awarded “Deutschland Stipendium” (German Scholarship) for his master studies. He completed masters degree from University of Bremen, Germany with very good grades. He has published his research work in multiple IEEE papers.

After finishing masters degree he joined European XFEL GmbH as FPGA Developer. The research facility produces world’s most powerful X-ray laser, which allows scientists to map atomic details of viruses, film chemical reactions, and study the processes in the interior of planets. He was involved in projects such as LPD (Large Pixel Detector), AGIPD (Adaptive Gain Integrating Pixel Detector) and TB (Train Builder). These devices produce multiple hundreds of Gigabits of data per second.

Currently, he is working as a Senior HDL Developer at Basler Group AG. He is the key part of the team, who is developing state of art high speed cameras and frame grabbers for image processing. In addition to that his team is also innovating a language (CHDL) which is currently being used to program FPGA’s. This language provides high level of abstraction and reduces development time. Due to this not only the cost of product is decreased but also time to market is reduced.