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Big Data Analytics

Classes on Weekend

Instructor : Sardar Ikram Ullah Khan

Offered Course

It’s a common misconception that Big Data Analytics is overly complex and accessible only to tech elites. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, Big Data Analytics is a pivotal tool in modern business, offering insights and advantages across various industries, much like other essential business tools.
The aim of this course is to demystify Big Data Analytics and provide you with the necessary skills to harness its power effectively. You’ll be exposed to cutting-edge analytical techniques used by top data scientists and industry leaders around the globe.

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to perform comprehensive data analysis, uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, they will learn about data security and ethical considerations in data handling, ensuring responsible and efficient use of information.

Course Duration

8 weeks


4 hours per session Saturday/Sunday

Work Shop Take Away

Slides, Online Resource,  Book , certificates

Mode of class

Both online and On campus at the same time.


Learning Objectives

LO1 – Gain insights into the fundamental concepts of Big Data and Analytics
LO2 – Understand the architecture and functioning of Big Data platforms
LO3 – Explore various data models and their application in analytics
LO4 – Develop skills in data mining and predictive analytics techniques
LO5 – Master the use of analytical tools for processing large datasets
LO6 – Perform real-time data analysis using contemporary software
LO7 – Design and implement effective data visualization strategies
LO8 – Analyze ethical and privacy concerns in Big Data analytics
LO9 – Learn to make data-driven decisions for business growth and efficiency
LO10 – Develop expertise in handling and analyzing unstructured data

Course Contents

•    Introduction to the World of Big Data Analytics
•    The Role and Skills of a Data Analyst in the Modern Data Ecosystem
•    Understanding and Utilizing Big Data Platforms and Data Repositories
•    Data Collection Techniques and Strategies
•    Data Wrangling: Techniques for Preparing Data for Analysis
•    Data Mining: Uncovering Patterns and Insights from Large Data Sets
•    Effective Communication of Data Analysis Findings
•    Career Opportunities and Learning Paths in Data Analytics
•    Spreadsheet Tools for Data Analysis: An Introduction
•    Ensuring Data Quality and Privacy in Analysis
•    Techniques for Data Cleaning and Data Analysis Basics
•    Advanced Data Analysis: Filtering, Sorting, and Using Pivot Tables
•    Data Visualization and Dashboard Creation with Excel and IBM Cognos
•    Comprehensive Guide to Creating Charts and Advanced Dashboards
•    Programming for Data Science: An Introduction to Python
•    Data Structures, Control Structures, and Python Fundamentals
•    Working with APIs, Web Scraping, and File Handling in Python
•    Project Work: Applying Python Skills in Practical Data Science
•    Introduction to Databases and SQL for Data Science
•    Working with Relational Databases, SQL Functions, and Join Statements
•    Python for Data Analysis: Importing, Wrangling, and Exploratory Analysis
•    Model Development, Evaluation, and Refinement Techniques
•    Data Visualization with Python: From Basic to Advanced Tools
•    Final Project: Applying Big Data Analytics in a Real-World Scenario

Instructor : Sardar Ikram Ullah Khan

•    DAMA CDMP Certified
•    CMMI Level-II Lead Consultant Certified
•    CMMI Level-III Lead Consultant Certified
•    ISO Lead Implementer Certified
•    SAP BI/BW Certified Consultant
•    AWS Big Data Certified
•    PMP Certified

As a PMP Certified Senior Technical Project Lead with 8+ years of experience, I have successfully managed complex technical projects, delivered on time and within budget, and built strong relationships with stakeholders.

With expertise in Data Management, I have developed data-driven solutions that increase efficiency and improve decision-making.
As a commercial diplomat + Lead Trainer with 4+ years of experience in Data Management, Digital Trade, Financial Inclusion,Technological Solution.

Industry Experience

• NetSol Technologies
• Axon Mobil (US)
• Capgemini (US)
• Abacus Consulting
• Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom (MoIT&T)
• Cabinet Division (GoP)
• Systems Limited

Sardar Ikram Ullah Khan