Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (CASE University) is committed to advance the research in engineering domain and to empower its students to realize their full potential while working in advanced technological domains. The institute's programs in electrical engineering and engineering management have the distinction of preparing researchers with sound knowledge, professional approach and innovative thoughts. The entire faculty is itself deeply involved in hi-tech R&D projects and provides a role model of academia-industry partnership. CASE University is proud to be the pioneer in presenting this model and always emphasizes this as a special feature of its educational environment.

Scholarships for Graduate Programs

In Fall 2019, we are offering 13 scholarships for full time MS students in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Programs in the following areas of:

MEMS (Micro Electrical Mechanical System) / Chip Design

3 Scholarships each amount Rs 20,000/- per month

High Speed Networks / Cyber Security

6 Scholarships each amount Rs 20,000/- per month

Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems, Digital Design & Software Defined Radio

4 Scholarships each amount Rs 12,000/- per month

*Graduate Admission Committee will select the candidate for final award of scholarships.