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Ahmad Jamil

Postgraduate studies in Telecommunications and Networks from University of London.
Manager, Broadcast Operations, ABS Broadcast, London

Ahmad Jamil is our alumni of Batch 2005 from the ECE Department, SS-CASE-IT (former CASE), Pakistan. He went on to pursue his postgraduate studies in Telecommunications and Networks from one of the world’s top ranked university, City, University of London.

Ahmad has been associated with ABS Broadcast Company London since 2012, which is one of the largest privately owned broadcast services facilities in Europe. He started off with MCR Control and Transmission of multiple channels, gaining invaluable skills and experience along the way, he is now managing all technical operations and broadcast systems for the company. This includes managing multiple teams across the broadcast delivery chain.

Recent Achievements

In addition to provide Engineering assistance, he is managing MCR, Broadcast Support and Scheduling teams who are responsible to look after 100+ channels.

Over the time he has developed and designed several workflows in the company that optimizes the productivity.

He has implemented new staff training processes and career advancement initiatives to identify, coach and support high performers.