AT SS-CASE-IT each student experiences an extravagant and a memorable life much more than academic learning only. Each student experiences an environment where they are able to participate in various on campus events and activities and thereby contribute towards their personal growth. At SS-CASE-IT; every student experiences an air of constant encouragement and guidance from everyone else. This allows the students to put their best in their university years and get the best returns. Following important reasons explains how SS-CASE-IT is different and why students should aspire to be a member of SS-CASE-IT community.

  1. All students at SS-CASE-IT experience strong feel of research based environment.
  2. SS-CASE-IT student base comprises of manpower that is very strongly linked with industry.
  3. As student of SS-CASE-IT you can be a winner at many national and international awards / events such as NERC, ROBOCON, PASHA ICT R & D Etc.
  4. SS-CASE-IT students share experiences with world class specialists and faculty.