Java EE Development

Java EE Development

This purpose of this course is threefold: to provide a strong foundation in web development, Java, and the SQL; and to work on all major aspects of developing a solution.

This course will introduce the principles in web development, database and Java. It will cover topics related to HTML, HTML5, Java Script, AJAX, SQL, Java concepts, and advanced Java concepts. Students will be able to explore different languages like HTML, HTML 5, Java, and SQL.

  • 100% fee re-imbursement, for top merit positions, by CARE Pvt Ltd.

  • Top performing successful candidate will be offered job at CARE Pvt Ltd.

  • All Successful candidates will be awarded certificate from SS-CASE-IT.


SS-CASE-IT Campus in Sector B-17, Islamabad.


8 Weeks of technical training. (Monday to Friday from 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M)

Course Outline
Module Content
Web Development Introduction to basic HTML tags (div, table, hyperlinks, images, DOM),Syntax, Programming style.
Introduction to CSS and their operators.
Introduction to JavaScript, events, event handling, dynamic HTML & CSS, functions, variables, Jquery, HTTP POST, HTTP Get, AJAX
OOP & Java Concepts Introduction to OOP, Java, classes, objects, data types, encapsulation, inheritance
Polymorphism, exception handling, class diagram, MVC introduction, Java servlets
JSP, JDBC, Restful API, SOAP, Tomcat
Spring MVC, spring security, AOP, Java persistence architecture, Design Pattern,Apache Ant/Maven, Eclipse IDE
Database Concepts Introduction to database, database vs file system, RDBMS, ERD, tables, attributes, database creation, select query, where clause, insert, delete, drop queries,
Database normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF), Joins, stored procedure, triggers, reporting
Fee Structure

15000/- Pkr

Admission Deadline

January 23rd, 2020

Having BS Degree in Electrical/Computer/Software/Mechatronic Engineering.