In today's competitive and ever evolving world of academics, it has become important to constantly improve one? performance to cater for the ever changing industrial requirements and R&D advances.

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology, Islamabad is a federally chartered degree awarding institute also felt the need to assess and improve the quality of higher education, with the objective of achieving international competitiveness and compatibility of its academic programs and research quality. CASE Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was established under UET Taxila and HEC guideline in 2014. SSCIT maintains continuous awareness of the need to ensure stakeholders' satisfaction with excellence.

The QEC has been structured in a way that it meets the standards set by the Higher Education Commission as well as the Outcome Based Education (OBE) system introduced by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). CASE has been providing the best and most accurately aligned curriculum to serve the purpose. Recently, Electrical Engineering Program has been accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council under Level-2, OBE Accreditation.

Quality Assurance

QEC regularly uses the Self-Assessment (SA) tools for achieving Quality Assurance. These practices help to assess the programs performance; whether the existing programs are able to meet the educational objectives and outcomes with the purpose and aims of improving the outcomes and outputs of the education system.

Self-Assessment of Programs Program Team

Program team (PT) is responsible for preparing the self-assessment document and is nominated by the head ofdepartment.

They also act as contact group for the period of assessment.

Assessment Team

Assessment team (AT) is responsible for the review of the self-assessment document and give its findings in the form of an AT report. Self-assessment of the following departments has been initiated.

1. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

2. Department of Computer Science

3. Department of Business & Engineering Management