Networks and Cyber Security Group

About Us

Networks and Cyber Security (NCS) Group focuses on research and development in the area of computer networks and cyber security. This group collaborate with many R&D companies for different undergraduate level FYP projects leading to a commercial product.


Our mission is to decrease the gap between academia and industry by involving the students in different research and prototype-based projects with industry that lead to product development after their graduation.


The objective of this group is to perform research and develop prototype for testing the cutting edge technologies during the development of product.

Research and Development Areas

Our research areas include:

  1. Software Defined Networking for Software Defined Radio.

  2. Porting Openflow protocol on Marvell switch.

  3. Testing and use of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions i.e. Open Source Mano (OSM), Kubernetes/docker in network based VNFs.

  4. Deep Packet inspection for extracting the application layer protocols and IP data records (IPDRs) at 10Gbps.

  5. Development of secure SIP VNF using asterisk.

  6. Performing the high speed hashing of images and videos in ARMv8 architecture using single board computer (SBC) as router.

  7. Designing custom routers that have proxy server, firewall, blacklist, whitelist, Secure Socket layer (SSL) content inspection, captive portal, radius etc.

  8. Development of Network Admission Control (NAC) solution for insider threat detection within organization.

  9. Applying the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution on SDN based energy aware routing protocol.

Our Team
Baqir Kazmi
Research Associate
Saif ullah
Research Assistant
Umair Ali
Business Developer
Graduate Students
Project: SDN based Energy aware Routing protocol for data center network
Maham Qayyum
Undergraduate Students
Project: Development and testing of Network Admission Control      
Project: Implementation of secure SIP VNF and its testing using Kubernetes
Project: Implementation of high speed hashing of images and videos on SBC as router
HEC Funding
  1. Deep Packet Inspection [DPI] lab under National Center for Cyber Security (NCCS)[Rs 77 Million]
    Development of High speed security solution for both large and small enterprises. The security solution will provide packet processing and capturing speed up to 10 Gbps. The main activities carried out under the lab will include Deep packet Inspection (DPI) engine, IP data records and L7 context‐aware content extraction for Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) that can be deployed at the national internet backbone.

  1. 3k Technologies Pvt Ltd

  2. Advanced Communication

  3. Xflow Research

  4. Snskies

Hardware Facilities
  1. 24 Port Cisco Switch

  2. 2 * R710 Servers

  3. 4 * SBCs

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  2. Siraj, Malik Najmus, Zaheer Ahmed, Muhammad Kashif Hanif, Muhammad Hasanain Chaudary, Shoab Ahmed Khan, and Nadeem Javaid. "A hybrid routing protocol for wireless distributed networks." IEEE Access 6 (2018): 67244-67260.