Jobs at SS-CASE-IT

Looking for motivated candidates for HEC funded project
Job Specifications :


Sir Syed CASEInstitute of Technology (SS-CASE-IT) islooking for highly motivated individual for the following position.

Job Title:                           1.  Team Lead

2.  Research Associate

3.  Research Assistant


Job Specification/skills            - In developingGUI based application on microcontroller using HDMI/VGA interface

-   In interfacing Ethernet/Wifi/USB/Mouse/Keyboard on microcontroller

-   In designing in schematic and PCB diagrams of microcontroller boards/daughtercards

-   In using crypto modules on microcontroller

-   In working on key management server


Experience                               BothFresh and experienced candidates can apply   


SirSyed CASE Institute of Technology (SSCASE IT) wasestablished to bridge the technology gap between Pakistan and the developedworld. SS CASE IT is striving to usher an era of progress and prosperity byhuman resource development in engineering, information technology, business andengineering management. SS CASE IT is proud to be premier institution of highereducation and has one of the largest graduate engineering programs in Pakistan.It has gathered best minds from industry and academia as part of its faculty,who groomed the future engineers and managers of Pakistan through academic,research and development efforts

 Interested candidates should apply on thefollowing link before March 05, 2021.

Closing Date : 05 March 2021
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