CRG was initiated in fall of 2008 considering the need of aligning our undergraduate Electrical Engineering program with the demands of the today’s fast moving technological and multidisciplinary era. Since then, CRG has actively participated in all the major national events of robotics.
CRG participated in the largest robotics event of Pakistan known as National Engineering Robotics Competition (NERC) for the first time in 2009. NERC is a joint venture of STEM Careers and NUST. Among 105 teams from 35 institutes of Pakistan, teams from SS-CASE-IT not only won the first position but also bagged the ‘second runners-up’ and the ‘best engineering design’ awards. It was indeed a great achievement for SS-CASE-IT and CRG as winning while participating for the first time against much experienced teams was tremendously motivating for all of us.
CRG charged up with the first big success carried on its plans of becoming a center for excellence. Next year, CRG started to work on a unique robotic model which was based on Shrimp Rover design. The project was funded by National Development Cell (NDC). The robot known as ‘Ayaan Rover’ was equipped with fully autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance properties. Moreover, it could overcome a vertical step of 56cm which is highest in the world. The project won first position in NASCON 2010 held at
NU-FAST and second position in EMCOT 2010 held at COMSATS Abbotabad. During the same year, CRG was also able to defend its NERC title by claiming first position and the ‘best engineering design award’ amongst 155 teams from 35 institutes. For the first time an omni-directional robot was introduced in this competition. It was the first line tracking Mecanum wheels based robot of Pakistan and claimed a job completion time of 24.8 seconds which is a record.
CRG’s activities were not limited to national events in 2010. It expanded its operations to the world’s most coveted line tracking competition – ABU ROBOCON. ABU ROBOCON is the only line tracking competition in the world in which more than 20 Asia Pacific countries compete to win the ultimate crown. Each country can only be represented by only one team which is selected from a nation-wide qualification round. SS-CASE-IT competed against the likes of EME College (NUST), PNEC (NUST) and GIKI, etc. and won the first position in the national qualifying of ABU ROBOCON. Holding the Pakistani flag high in Cairo, team from CASE won their match from a much experienced Indian team. It was a source of great honor for us that we did so well in spite of being so new at the competition. The ABU ROBOCON 2011 project was the most successful chapter in history of CASE. This year again, we won the national qualifying by a greater margin and the sophistication of design and implementation has seen its new peak. This project was declared as the Overall Best Project in COMPPEC 2011. The year 2012 was the start of new era in the field of robotics when CRG launched National RoboSprint 2012 with the purpose to spread the knowledge of Robotics in the country. Over 78 teams from all over Pakistan participated in the event which proves it to be one of the largest National Educational Campaign of the country. In the year 2013 CRG has been quite successful in realizing the dream of bridging the gap between industry and academia. The group has developed a state of the art satellite dish antenna controller which is now in use of many private and public sector organizations like Nadra etc. Details of the achievements could be witnessed in the attachments.
CRG is persistent in 2014 as well, Working on a self-supporting mechanism we are committed to encourage the concept of research and development in the field of automation and robotics. Recently our team has qualified in world’s largest Robotics Competition called RoboCup. Every year top 35 engineering schools from the world are selected to participate in the event hence it is commendable achievement to represent Pakistan at this arena.