Department of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

** Pre-Medical Students can also Apply **

As Organizations and businesses across all domains increase their online and network footprint, cyber threats are becoming more critical than ever before. The BSCYS program is designed to meet the today’s business requirements while focusing on designing secure infrastructure and developing hands on experience and problem solving capabilities among students.

Career benefits for Cyber Security

Cyber Security careers are expected to grow 32% between 2018 and 2028 (worldwide), significantly higher than the average growth for all fields, as a result of increase cyber threats across all industries. BSCYS job market is everywhere including financial organizations, Ethical Hacking, HealthCare, Smart cities, Cyber Warfare, Internet of Things, Digital surveillance system, Supply chain organizations, Crypto currencies, Digital and mobile Forensics, Mobile App and Web/Software development, Information Security Auditing.

Looking at the expansion in cyber security during recent years, this technology has become a vital part of data sensitive, Defense and Government organizations, Public access data networks where privacy matter like NADRA, FBR, WAPDA, SNGPL, Telecom Networks, Banks, Stock Exchange, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Aviation, Law enforcement agencies etc. and almost all fields of life.

What SS-CASE-IT is offering?

The BSCYS program offered at SS-CASE-IT has been designed as per the guideline of HEC/NCEAC to meet current needs of today's Job market in Cyber and Information Security.

The program focuses on both the theoretical and practical dimensions ofpreparing students for software and engineering industry at large and giving extra skills on the above mentioned practical areas of Cyber Security.

In addition, the specially designed BSCYS curriculum meet the changing landscape of secure computing, which involves not only computers, but also network enabled devices such as smartphones, tablet devices, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Research Funding with Industry Linkage in Cyber Security at SS-CASE-IT

SS-CASE-IT enjoys the funding of Rs. 100 million from HEC by Networks and Cyber Security Research Group . Under this funding we are developing the High Speed Deep Packet Inspection Engine that act as a core of all the cyber security products.

We are also developing a smart keyboard for secure communication for classified organizations. This product can also be used for secure data exchange using Facebook, WhatsApp, Email or any other medium.

We are developing all these products in collaboration with CARE Pvt Ltd. Our faculty and students are already working on these projects through consultancy, internships, final year projects, MS /PhD level thesis. Our students have the opportunity not only to work on state of the art cyber security technologies but also to work in corporate environment, preparing them for future jobs.

Courses covered in the light of renowned certification in Cyber Security

The practical knowledge given in different subjects mainly targets renowned certification areas like Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA), Certified Cloud security professional (CCSP), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).

Pre-Medical students

Pre-Medical students don’t need to appear in Board intermediate level (FSC or equivalent) exams to clear their mathematics courses. The two mathematics courses taught in first semester will make them eligible to continue their education in BSCYS from Fall 2020 semester as per HEC directives thus saving their time.

Career Benefits for Pre-Medical Students in BSCYS

Students with Pre-Medical background has large no of career possibilities in BSCYS.

  1. Main Stream Cyber Security: Aliening with Artificial Intelligence there are a lot of jobs in health care information systems, Cyber-attacks on patient record and information systems, security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Database Administrator, System Administrator, Game Developer, Mobile app development, Web development, IoT development etc.
  2. Biomedical IoT based Devices: Pacemakers, insulin pumps, robotic surgery, ECG machines, and other medical devices are becoming more advanced. Most contain software and connect to the internet, hospital networks, your mobile phone, or other devices to share information. So, it is important to make sure medical devices are cyber secure.

Program Duration
  1. Minimum: 4 years (8 semesters)

  2. Maximum: 6 Years (With One Year Extension)

Degree Requirements
  1. Minimum of 132 credit hours including a senior design project of 6 credit hours, with minimum CGPA of 2.00
  2. Minimum of 138 credit hours including a senior design project of 6 credit hours for pre-medical students, with minimum CGPA of 2.00
  3. Internship (Pass/Fail grade; NIL credits): Every student is required to participate in a summer training program and submit a formal written report during the summer of Junior Year.
Eligibility Criteria
  1. At least 50 % marks in Intermediate (HSSC), A-Level & equivalent examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.
  2. At least 50% marks for FSc, A-level or equivalent in Pre-Medical. No need to appear in Board intermediate level (FSC or equivalent) exams to clear their mathematics courses.
Semester - I
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS1501 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies 1+11+1Freshman Standing
CS1001 Programming Fundamentals 3+13+1Freshman Standing
SC1001 Calculus & AnalyticGeometry3+0NAFreshman Standing
SC1211 Applied Sciences3+03+0Freshman Standing
HU1002 English Composition & Comprehension 3+03+0Freshman Standing
PSC1001 Pre-Mathematics-INA3+0Freshman Standing
PSC1002 Pre-Mathematics-IINA3+0Freshman Standing
Total 15 18
Semester - II
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
SC1001 Calculus & Analytic GeometryNA3+0Freshman Standing
CS2003 Data Structures & Algorithms3+13+1CS1001
CS1502 Digital Logic and Design3+13+1Freshman Standing
SC1005 linear algebra3+0NAFreshman Standing
SC1004 Probability & Statistics3+03+0Freshman Standing
HU1003 Communication & Presentation Skills3+03+0HU1002
Total 17 17
Semester - III
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS2005 Object Oriented Programming 3+13+1CS1001
CS2406 Information Security3+03+0Sophomore Standing
CS2503 Computer Org. & Assembly Language3+13+1CS1502
CS2201 Introduction to Database Systems3+13+1Sophomore Standing
CS2301 Discrete Structures3+03+0Sophomore Standing
Total 18 18
Semester - IV
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS2401 Computer Communication and Networks3+13+1Junior Standing
HU2101 Islamic ideology2+02+0Sophomore Standing
SC2003 Differential equations3+03+0SC1001
CY2801 Introduction to Cyber Security3+03+0CS2406
SC1005 linear algebraNA3+0Freshman Standing
CS2008 CYS Elective-1 3+03+0per specific Course
Total 15 18
Semester - V
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
SE2101 Software Engineering3+03(3-0)Sophomore Standing
CS2303 Artificial Intelligence 3+14 (3-1)CS2003
CY3816 Information Assurance 3+03 (3-0) Sophomore Standing
CS2005 Design & Analysis of Algorithms3+03 (3-0) CS2003
CS3504 Operating System3+14 (3-1) CS2003
Total 17 17
Semester - VI
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CS3407 CYSElective-22+12+1per specific Course
CY3802 Network Security 2+12+1CY2801
UniversityElective-13+03+0per specific Course
CY3817 Secure Software Design and Dev.2+12+1CY2801
CY3818 Vulnerability Assessment &Reverse Engg.2+12+1CY2801
HU4004 Technical & Business Writing 3+03+0HU1003
Total 18 18
Semester - VII
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CY4111 Final Year Project - I 2+02+0Senior Standing
CYSElective-32+12+1per specific Course
HU3102 Pakistan Studies 2+02+0Sophomore Standing
CY3815 Digital Forensics 2+12+1CY2801
CS4405 Parallel & Distributed Computing2+12+1CS3504, CS2005
University Elective-23+03+0per specific Course
Total 16 16
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credits for Non-Medical Credits for Medical Pre‐Requisite
CY4112 Final Year Project - II 4+04+0CY4111
CYSElective-43+02+0per specific Course
UniversityElective-32+02+0per specific Course
CYSElective-52+12+1per specific Course
UniversityElective-43+03+0per specific Course
Total 15 15
BSCYS Electives (Must be any five courses)

Code Title Pre-Requisite
CY3706 Cyber Security for smart citiesSenior Standing
CY2702 Embedded Systems CY2701
CY2801 Web Engineering
CY3901 Wireless and Mobile communicationJunior Standing
CY3902 Intelligent Adhoc and Cognitive NetworksCY3901
CY3903 Wireless and Mobile Security CY3901
CY2802 Mobile ComputingSenior Standing
CY2703 Computer Architecture CS1502
CY2704 Advance Digital Logic Design CS1502
CY2805 Cloud ComputingSenior Standing
CY2707 Introduction to IoTSenior Standing
CY2709 Control SystemSenior Standing
CY3708 Introduction to Security for IoTCY2805
CY3705 Embedded Systems Security CY2702
CY3803 Network Protocols and StandardsCS2401
CY3804 Network and System programmingCS2401
CY3806 Cloud computing SecurityCY2805
CY3807 Security in Big dataCS2201
CY3808 Penetration Testing / ethical hackingCY2801
CY3809 Cyber Law & Cyber Crime (Cyber Warfare) CY2801
CY3810 Cryptanalysis CS2406
CY3811 Health care securitySenior Standing
CY3712 Hardware Security Senior Standing
CY3711 Industrial System SecurityCY2702
CY3710 Control System Security CY2709
CY3812 Advanced Topics in Cyber Security ISenior Standing
CY3813 Advanced Topics in Cyber Security IISenior Standing
CY3814 Malware Analysis Senior Standing
University Electives (Select any 4 Courses from the following List)

Code Title
MS3801 Entrepreneurship & Technology
MS3802 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
MS3803 Leadership & Team Management
MS3804 Total Quality Management
MS3805 Project Scheduling and Costing
MS3806 Production and Operation Management
MS3808 Human Resource Management
MS3809 Marketing
MS3810 Economics
MS3811 Quality Control and Engineering Standards
MS3812 Quality Assurance and Management Systems
MS3813 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
HU3201 Psychology
HU3202 Life Science
HU3203 Philosophy
MS3820 Financial Accounting
MS3821 Financial Management
EE1001 Electronics