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About Us
CASE Sports Society was officially founded in October 2009. It was formed with an aim to develop interaction, tolerance, sense of responsibility and sportsman spirit among the students of CASE. An engineer must not be competent in his own respective field but also should be able to participate in extracurricular activities.
CASE Sports Society allows the students to express themselves using sports as a tool of communication by organizing many Intra/Inter-University (ies) events defined in the domain. For some of the more gifted it provides excellent opportunities to unleash their natural talent and is also a relaxing exercise after the academia workload.
CASE Sports Society Aims to provide a platform for students to show and improve their capabilities and skills and also to built character and leadership qualities. CASE Sports society will work to nurture forms of Sports implemented within CASE, to nurture and to promote the students of CASE with the necessary talents. CASE Sports Society will work to foster a healthy environment of Sports as described in the domain and shall not nurture malicious or evil intentions. CASE Sports Society shall be the sole representative body and organizer of the events described in the domain.
Good athletes are harder to nourish than to discover. The sports society at CASE has decided to undertake both these tasks simultaneously. The sports society has been formed to make proper institute level teams for several sports activities. The ultimate aim of the sports society is to have CASE recognized as an institute, which not only produces the best graduates but also the best athletes with good sportsman spirit.