Research @ SS-CASE-IT

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS-CASE-IT) is committed to advance the research in engineering domain and to empower its students to realize their full potential while working in advanced technological domains. The institute's programs in computer engineering and engineering management have the distinction of preparing researchers with sound knowledge, professional approach and innovative thoughts. The entire faculty is itself deeply involved in hi-tech R & D projects and provides a role model of academia-industry partnership. SS-CASE-IT is proud to be the pioneer in presenting this model and always emphasizes this as a special feature of its educational environment.

Post Graduate(Doctorial) Research Program

Ph.D. research program at SS-CASE-IT aims to enhance student’s academic knowledge and professional expertise, by developing an effective research training system; thereby enhancing economic development, international competitiveness and accomplishment of collective goals. The research @ SS-CASE-IT is conducted in strong collaboration with CARE (Center for Advanced Researhch in Engineering).

Our faculty brings to the classroom extensive instructional and research experience that contribute to the dynamic learning experience that is found in SS-CASE-IT. The students work closely with SS-CASE-IT faculty members who can provide strong guidance in their area of expertise and hence help students to work on projects employing cutting-edge technology.

Research Funding

The research funding helps in furnishing the field of study and develops an active base in order to advance the SS-CASE-IT’s mission of intensifying research. Research funding can come in many forms like research project grants, laboratory equipment provisions, Ph.D. scholarships, technical journals / books for library, collaboration and support in research projects, etc. The funding is provided as a professional service to the researchers who wish to secure support for their creative ideas and professional interests. In recent years, more funding has become available to support the movement of intellectual capital, knowledge and ideas out of the academic research arena and into the wider world, particularly to industry and commerce. Many organizations offer support and research funding to SS-CASE-IT like HEC, CISCO, XILINX and many other public sector organizations. SS-CASE-IT always welcoms any support for enhancing its research activities. Please contact the concerned head if you would like to collaborate and support research at SS-CASE-IT.

Research Groups
Center for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Lead By: Mr. Amanullah
Center for Excellence in Microchip Design, Prototyping and Testing
Lead By: Mr. Shafaat Bazaz
Center for Excellence in Cyber Security
Lead By: Mr. Shoaib A Khan
5 G Interface Test Bed for Software Defined Radio
Lead By: Mr. Danish Nisar
Autonomous Underwater Mine Detection Vehicle Lab
Lead By: Mr. Waqas ur Rehman
MEMS device Prototyping
Lead By: Dr. Shafaat Bazaz