Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Office for Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)
ORIC have the essential role in assisting the Academia and Industry associations for research commercialization.
Assist in providing a high quality education to our students by creating opportunities for innovation, research and commercialization through establishing and utilizing links with the industry, collaborations with established research programs at other national and international universities, while maintaining close liaison with all kinds of potential funding sources both in the public and private sector.

ORIC acts as a bridge and provides all the support for the activity. The model implemented is in direct conjunction with HEC. SS‐CASE‐IT provides students and faculty members with the environment that nurtures the process of creativity and problem solving. Active involvement of faculty members in industry provides students and researchers with the access to real‐life engineering problems and how industry react to them.

Involvement of students into the industrial step is the future of education. Research activities targeted towards economical industrial solution rather than myopic projects and wastage of time and resource. At SS‐CASE‐IT we have a much focused mind‐set, to provide students with the skillset to create and pave their own way in the world of Engineering.

We have always set an ambitious target of achieving job placement of our graduating students with organizations of repute. These efforts have beard fruit as many of our graduates are working in prestigious national and international Organizations across the globe.

Health Care Information Systems and Diagnostic Group:
SS‐CASE‐IT started its research in health care systems in 2010. Following commercial products are deployed in various hospitals and organizations:

  • Al BASR: Eye Hospital Electronic Management, Record and Diagnostic system
  • Cardio Care: 12 lead ECG Machine integrated with telemedicine software system
  • Telemedicine system: For patient, doctors and Record Management
  • ICU: Intensive Care Management Information System
  • Hess Chart: Automated Diagnostic for paralytic strabismus of eyes
  • CHART: Mobile App for In‐Patient record systems

MEMS Accelerometer Chip
SS‐CASE‐IT Campus Management & Information Systems (CMIS):

SS‐CASE‐IT has deployed campus management & information system developed by in‐house engineers in last 10 years.

This CMIS automates all major processes of a higher educational Institute/university under one umbrella.

In recent years, SS‐CASE‐IT has developed these systems for:

  • HITEC University, Taxila.
  • Lahore Garrison University, Lahore.
  • IBA‐Sukkhar


Campus Management Information System


To strengthen the industrial linkage, SS‐CASE‐IT faculty members and encouraged to engage with industry and provide consultancy services in diverse range of private and government organizations. This unique academia‐industry linkage enables students to secure internships, jobs and future prospects in the industry.

The diversity and depth of the industrial linkage can be determined with the brief list shown below:

Most of the Students involved in the projects with respective faculty members are working in the industrial sector under Research Collaboration.

ORIC acts as a bridge and provides all the support for the activity. The model implemented is in direct conjunction with HEC. Students working in industry under Research Collaboration with faculty Members.