Message from the Trustees

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology (SS-CASE-IT) is very dear to our hearts and souls. Allah has bestowed on us His blessings to strive for this remarkable cause of disseminating knowledge and wisdom without any self motive, financial benefits and promotions. We understand that the cause is so vital for the development of our nation that we, as a team, have always been tirelessly working with sincerity of objective, not hesitating to shed toil, tears and sweat to achieve our goals. May Allah grant us courage and wisdom to realize the dream of constituting a world class university in Islamabad. For us, SSCIT is not the splendid, elegant and graceful building where we are housed. For us, the elegant grace we are imparting in our students is SSCIT. May Allah help us in our resolution. Once you join SSCIT you become part of our family, where we share same values and strive to contribute ourselves to create knowledge based economy for the prosperity and betterment of Pakistan.

Dr. Shoab Ahmed Khan
Brig. Iqbal M. Shafi
Prof. Dr. M.D. Shami
Mr Ejaz Mehmood
Dr. Saeed ur Rehman