Master of Science in Management

Master of Science in Management

Management is an essential area that has immediate impact on the business operations. The field of management is constantly changing, and new tools, techniques and methodologies are continually being introduced to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of an organization, thus, it enables organizations to gain competitive advantage.

This thirty credit hour graduate program is conducted in the evening and weekends.This unique program is aimed at addressing the needs of the managers of the 21st century in order to cope with the ever increasing organizational pressures. The program is structured around the core discipline of ‘Management’. It presents concepts from grass root to advanced level. The ultimate aim of this program is to ensure that a student specializes in the ‘Management’ and related discipline to further his/her academic and industrial pursuits.

  1. Management Consultant: A career in management consultancy is one of the more obvious career paths you can pursue with a master’s in management. As a management consultant you’ll offer strategic and expert advice in order to help a business, organization or company improve their productivity and overall performance. To do this, you’ll have to carry out sufficient research and data collection in order to gain an understanding of the business’ goals, to then resolve any issues, risks and problems by presenting recommendations and implement any improvements that are necessary.

  2. Entrepreneur: This is where you can take advantage of the skills, expertise and knowledge from your master’s in management degree. For those who have an entrepreneurial mindset you can combine your own personal interests and management know-how skills and knowledge to develop a venture of your very own. Although there is no specific way to become an entrepreneur, your master’s in management degree can definitely benefit you.

  3. Project Manager: If you enjoy being organized and organizing others, have strong communication and negotiation skills, and the ability to use initiative and make decisions under pressure, then a career as a project manager could be for you. From working in construction, to marketing to healthcare, project managers are responsible for managing a project, ensuring that the client’s desired goal is achieved all while sticking to a strict timeframe and budget.

  4. Business Development Manager: A business development manager is the driving force behind sales and contacts, as they’re tasked with the job of developing the business side of an organization, and helping it grow and achieve its full potential. Having a good understanding of technology will also ensure you have a competitive advantage, as you’ll have to carry out meticulous and strategic planning to increase the business’ profitability or position within the market.

We at CASE follow a very extensive and peculiar selection criteria based on our admission tests & requirements, the details of the procedure are as follow:

MCQ based 3 hour paper covering
  1. Mathematics

  2. Analytics

  3. Comprehension and Vocabulary

Passing marks: 50%
  1. This program is open for students with 16 years of formal education in any discipline from a HEC recognized university with 2.00 CGPA or 55% marks.

  2. A minimum score of 50% in local test conducted by CASE Universityor NTS GAT with 50% score is compulsory for acceptance to the program.

  3. All candidates must complete any other requirement of HEC and CASE University for admissions.

  4. The CASE University Admission Committee will forwarded the admission cases to registration branch for obtaining the Enrollment/Registration Number.