Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Sir Syed CASE Institute of Technology
Message from the Chairman

Welcome to one of the best management degree programs that provide state-of-the art education in the field of Management. The commitment of the faculty and the staff of Faculty of Business and Engineering Management, and above all adherence to standards of academic excellence, have contributed immensely to the faculty’s enviable reputation. For the last many years; our flagship post graduate Engineering Management related degree programs have been the leading choice of scholars pursuing MS and PhD Degrees within Pakistan.

The Faculty has produced several PhD and MS students and is considered one of the best when it comes to professional business / management education within the country. Strong focus is laid on academic excellence by ensuring outcome based education. Students are not only given cognitive understanding of the subject area, rather specific focus is laid on development of their skills in total.

Degree programs in FMS are affiliated with UET Taxila and Quaid I Azam University Islamabad. The faculty has strong international / national linkages and has trained enormous workforce. Student of our faculty enjoy key positions in their respective field.

Dr. Muhammad Umer (Chairman)

Program Manager QAU Affiliated Programs (BBA, MBA, MSMS, MSPM, PhDMS)
Mr. Nasir Shafique
Mobile: 0346-3312928
Program Manager UET Affiliated Programs (MSEM, PhDEM)
Mr. Sakhawat Riaz
Mobile: 0345-5130337