Postgraduate Programs in Software Engineering
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The Software Engineering program is specially designed for professionals who want to expand their knowledge of the software engineering discipline. The post graduate program of software engineering at CASE, offers experience from both academic and industrial perspectives. Through challenging curricula, high quality knowledge transfer and a technical emphasis, students learn and apply practices, tools, and techniques in real-world. The post graduate software engineering program at CASE is designed to produce future agents of change/individuals who will lead and improve the SE related industrial and academic practices and the state of the practice in the years to come. Our faculty provides guidance and mentoring based on years of industry experience in software engineering and/or related discipline. Their expertise ranges from software architecture and software process improvement to managing people and risk.

Areas of Specialization:

Degree Requirements:

Each student of software engineering has to select software engineering as Area of Specialization (AOS). The courses of the remaining AOS of the ECE Department (including electrical engineering, computer engineering and information security) will then become areas for Additional Graduate Hours (AGH). Students of software engineering are provided guidelines for AGH, however, they can also choose courses according to their interests (in consultation with the academic advisors). A student has to select one Minor area and complete the entire Minor course work requirement from that area.

A student planning for a PhD is required to take Mathematics as a minor.

Master Degree Requirements:
Credit Hour Requirement M.S. Hours
Area of Specialization (AOS): From area of specialization of the degree program. 12
Additional Graduate Hours (AGH): Outside the area(s) of specialization and the minor area but within the department. 6
Minor hrs. 6
Thesis/Dissertation 6
Total Hours Required 30
Ph.D. Degree Requirements:
Credit Hour Requirement Ph.D. Hours PhD Hours Including MS
Area of Specialization (AOS): From the same degree program 6 21-24
Outside the area of specialization and minor area but within the department 3 12-9
Mathematics hrs. (Minor) 3 9
Electives 6 0
Thesis/Dissertation 30 30
Total Hours Required 48 78


A sample list of courses from the area of specialization is given below:

Specialization – Software Engineering:

Students choosing Software Engineering as their AOS must take at least four courses marked with asterisk (*) from this sub area:

  • SE 6100 Software Engineering*
  • SE 6101 Object Oriented Software Engineering*
  • SE 6200 Software Project Management*
  • SE 6201 Software Quality Management*
  • SE 6202 Information Systems
  • SE 6209 Analysis of Software Artifacts
  • SE 6503 Systems Engineering
  • SE 6501 Statistics for Software Engineers
  • ECE 6102 Software Engineering Applications
  • SE 7102 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
  • SE 7103 Software Development Studio I
  • SE 7104 Software Development Studio II

Recommended AGH Courses:

Students are encouraged to take courses related to Computer Engineering and Info Security for AGH.