Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

B.Sc Electrical Engineering Program

B.Sc Electrical Engineering program is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). B.Sc Electrical Engineering program, with specialization in Telecommunication and Computer Engineering, has an exceptional blend of theoretical research and extensive practical training to mold students into skillful professionals ready to take up real world challenges in the industry. A career management team is on board to assist students in seeking employment immediately after the graduation.

A strong curriculum in each of these fields of study is offered by highly qualified engineering faculty including 7 Ph.Ds and 5 M.Scs with reputable accomplishments in research, academic publications and industrial projects. The School provides advanced lab facilities equipped with industrial software and hardware tools to support its academic programs.

Semester - I
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
MA1001 Basic Calculus & Analytic Geometry 3-0-3
GS1001 Electricity & Magnetism 3-0-3
HU1001a Islamic Ideology 1.5-0-1.5
HU1001b Pakistan Studies 1.5-0-1.5
CS1001 Programming in C 2-3-3
ME1001 Engineering Drawing (CAD) 1-3-2
Total 12-6-14
Semester - II
Code Title Credit Hours
MA1002 Multivariable Calculus and ODEs 3-0-3
EE1103 Electric Circuit Analysis 1 3-3-4
CS1002 OOP and Data Structures using C++ 3-3-4
ME1003 Mechanics 3-0-3
HU1005 Communication Skills and Technical Report Writing 3-0-3
Total 15-6-17
Semester - III
Code Title Credit Hours
MA2003 Complex Variables and Transforms 3-0-3
EE2301 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3-3-4
EE2101 Electric Circuit Analysis II 3-3-4
EE2201 Digital Logic Design 3-3-4
HU2001 Professional Ethics and Islamic System 3-0-3
Total 15-9-18
Semester - IV
Code Title Credit Hours
MA2004 Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis 3-0-3
EE2302 Electronic Design and Practice 3-3-4
EE2202 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3-3-4
EE2103 Signals and Systems 3-3-4
EE2401 Electromechanical Systems 3-3-4
Total 15-12-19
Semester - V
Code Title Credit Hours
MA3005 Probability & Stochastic Processes 3-0-3
EE3203 Microprocessor Based Embedded System Design 3-3-4
EE3104 Digital Signal Processing 3-3-4
EE3501 Control Systems 3-3-4
EE3403  Electromagnetic Theory  3-0-3
Total 15-9-18
Semester - VI
Code Title Credit Hours
EE3502 Industrial Automation 3-3-4
CE3201 Digital System Design 3-3-4
EE3402 Data Communication Networks 3-3-4
HU3007  Engineering Economics  3-0-3
TC3701 Communication Systems 3-3-4
Total 15-12-19
Semester - VII
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
HU4001 Engineering Project Management  3-0-3
EE4303 Power Electronics 3-3-4
  Stream Specific II 3-3-4
  Stream Specific III 3-0-3
EE4990A Design Project 0-9-3
Total 12-15-17
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
  Management/Humanities Elective 3-0-3
  Stream Specific IV 3-0-3
  Stream Specific V 3-0-3
EE4990B Design Project 0-18-6
Total 8-18-14
Telecommunication Engineering Stream Specific Courses
Code Title Credit Hours
TC3701 Communication Systems 3-3-4
TC4304 TV&Display Systems 3-0-3
TC4404 Antenna Design 3-0-3
TC4405 Radar Systems 3-0-3
TC4406 Digital Communications 3-3-4
TC4407 Electronic Warfare 3-0-3
TC4408 Special Topics in Telecommunication Engineering-I 3-3-4
TC4409 Special Topics in Telecommunication Engineering-II 3-0-3
TC4702 Wireless Communication 3-0-3
TC4703 Microwave Engineering 3-0-3
TC4704 Telecom Switching & Signaling Systems 3-0-3
TC4705 Optical & High Speed Networks 3-0-3
Computer Engineering Stream Specific Courses
Code Title Credit Hours
CE3201 Digital System Design 3-3-4
CE4601 Digital Image Processing 3-0-3
CE4602 Machine Vision 3-0-3
CE4603 Advanced Computer Architecture 3-0-3
CE4604 Parallel Processing 3-3-4
CE4605 Network Programming 3-3-4
CE4606 Operating Systems 3-3-4
CE4607 Selected Topics in Computer Engineering-I 3-0-3
CE4608 Network Security 3-3-4
CE4609 Selected Topics in Computer Engineering-II 3-0-3
Management and Humanities Electives
Code Title Credit Hours
HU4102 Foreign Language I 3-0-3
HU4103 Foreign Language II 3-0-3
HU4104 Production and Operation Management 3-0-3
HU4105 Enterpreneurship 3-0-3
HU4106 Total Quality Management 3-0-3
HU4107 Professional Practice and Legal Dimension of Engineering 3-0-3