Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree Program
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is accredited by National Computing Education and Accreditation Council of HEC.

The purpose of the Computer Science degree program is to produce graduates who have a broad understanding of the field via introducing concepts, theory and techniques. The program is focused on encouraging students to develop and use abstract models in addition to applying respective technology in practical situations. This program focuses on establishing a strong mathematical foundation, basic hardware aspects of computing, and advanced technical electives covering areas like Intelligent Systems stream (advance database, artificial neural networks, biologically inspired computing, image processing etc) and Software Engineering & Net Centric stream (Network Security, Design Patterns, Mobile Computing, Web Engineering, Advanced Programming Design of Programming Languages etc). Abundant opportunities exist for students to develop expertise in their streams of interest through enrolment these elective courses.

Special emphasis is placed on developing project management and communication skills so that the graduates are able to lead the software and IT industry with excellent Entrepreneurship knowledge. The program is also designed to provide formal foundations for higher learning as well as industry. The program is dynamic and flexible enough to align with the latest scientific and technological developments in the field. The courses are tailored according to the international standards to nurture capacity building and original thinking in our graduates for life-long-learning.

Semester - I
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
MA1001 Basic Calculus & Analytic Geometry 3-0-3
GS1001 Electricity & Magnetism 3-0-3
HU1001a Islamic Ideology 1.5-0-1.5
HU1001b Pakistan Studies 1.5-0-1.5
CS1101 Fundamentals of CS 3-0-3
CS1001 Programming in C 3-3-3
Total 15-3-16
Semester - II
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
MA1002 Multivariable Calculus and ODEs 3-0-3
CS1002 Programming Techniques 3-3-4
ME1003 Mechanics 3-0-3
CS1201 Digital Logic Design 3-3-4
HU1005 Communication Skills and Technical Report Writing 3-0-3
Total 15-6-17
Semester - III
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
MA2003 Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis 3-0-3
CS2202 Computer Organization & Assembly Language 3-3-4
CS2301 Object Oriented Programming 3-3-4
CS1102 Discrete Mathematics 3-0-3
CS2302 Data Structure and Algorithms 3-3-4
Total 15-9-18
Semester - IV
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
MA2004 Probability & Stochastic Process 3-0-3
CS2203 Operating Systems 3-3-4
HU2001 Professional Ethics and Islamic System 3-0-3
CS2401 Software Engineering 3-3-4
CS2104 Formal Languages and Automata Theory 3-0-3
Total 15-6-17
Semester - V
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
CS3103 Simulation & Modeling 3-0-3
CS3501 Database Management Systems 3-3-4
CSxxxx CS Elective I 3-3-4
CS3303 Design & Analysis of Algorithm 3-0-3
CS3601 Computer Communication and Networking 3-3-4
Total 15-9-18
Semester - VI
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
HU3007 Engineering Economics 3-0-3
CS3105 System Programming 3-3-4
CS3402 Software Design & Architecture 3-0-3
CS3701 Artificial Intelligence 3-3-4
CSxxxx CS Elective II 3-0-3
Total 15-6-17
Semester - VII
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
HUxxxx Humanities Elective 3-0-3
CS4106 Software Construction 2-3-3
CSxxxx CS Elective III 3-0-3
MSxxxx Management Elective I 3-0-3
CS4990A Senior Design Project (Part-I) 0-9-3
Total 11-12-15
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credit Hours (Theory-Lab-Credits)
MSxxxx Management Elective II 3-0-3
CSxxxx CS Elective IV 3-0-3
CS4403 Human Computer Interaction 3-0-3
CSxxxx CS Elective-IV 3-0-3
CS4990B Senior Design Project (Part-II) 0-9-3
Total 12-9-15
Intelligent Systems Stream Specific Courses
Code Title Credit Hours
IS3502 Advanced Databases 3-0-3
IS4503 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3-0-3
IS4504 MIS & DSS 3-0-3
IS3702 Introduction to Soft Computing 3-0-3
IS4703 Artificial Neural Networks 3-0-3
IS4704 Digital Image Processing 3-0-3
IS3801 Bio-Informatics 3-0-3
IS4802 Computational Biology 3-0-3
IS4803 Bio-Inspired Computing 3-0-3
Software Engineering & Net Centric Stream Specific Courses
Code Title Credit Hours
SN3107 Design of Programming Languages 3-0-3
SN3108 Real-Time Programming 3-0-3
SN3203 Computer Architecture 3-3-4
SN4109 Parallel Processing 3-0-3
SN4110 Computer Graphics 3-0-3
SN4304 Design Pattern 3-0-3
SN3405 Advanced Software Engineering 3-0-3
SN4406 Software Testing & Quality Engineering 3-3-4
SN4406 Software Project Management 3-0-3
SN3603 Distributed Systems 3-0-3
SN4604 Visual Programming 3-0-3
SN4605 Network Security 3-0-3
SN4606 Data Security & Encryption 3-0-3
SN4607 Mobile Computing 3-0-3
SN3608 Web Engineering 3-0-3
Management and Humanities Electives
Code Title Credit Hours
MS4101 Production & Operation Management 3-0-3
MS4102 Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization 3-0-3
MS4103 Leadership & Team Management 3-0-3
MS4104 Total Quality Management 3-0-3
MS4105 Project Scheduling and Costing 3-0-3
MS4106 Operation Research 3-0-3

Summer Training (Pass/Fail grade; NIL credits): Every student is required to participate in a summer training program and submit a formal written report during the summer of Junior Year.

Degree Requirements: As per requirements of HEC, Bachelor of Computer Sciences program must have a minimum of 133 credit hours including a dissertation of 6 credit hours. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program at SS-CASE-IT comprises of 8 semesters, with two semesters a year and is a full-time four-year bachelor program. The major areas of specialization are incorporated in the structure. Each major area comprise of 4-6 courses.

In addition as per HEC criteria for Computer Science degree, students need to complete an Internship in industry: for a duration of 6 to 8 weeks.