Federally Chartered Degree Awarding Institute Recognized by HEC

Complete List of Undergraduate Courses
MA1001 Basic Calculus & Analytic Geometry
GS1001 Electricity & Magnetism
HU1001a Islamic Ideology
HU1001b Pakistan Studies
CS1101 Fundamentals of CS
CS1001 Programming in C
MA1002 Multivariable Calculus and ODEs
CS1002 Programming Techniques
ME1003 Mechanics
CS1201 Digital Logic Design
HU1005 Communication Skills and Technical Report Writing
MA2003 Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
CS2202 Computer Organization & Assembly Language
CS2301 Object Oriented Programming
CS1102 Discrete Mathematics
CS2302 Data Structure and Algorithms
MA2004 Probability & Stochastic Process
CS2203 Operating Systems
HU2001 Professional Ethics and Islamic System
CS2401 Software Engineering
CS2104 Formal Languages and Automata Theory
CS3103 Simulation & Modeling
CS3501 Database Management Systems
CS3303 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
CS3601 Computer Communication and Networking
HU3007 Engineering Economics
CS3105 System Programming
CS3402 Software Design & Architecture
CS3701 Artificial Intelligence
CS4106 Software Construction
CS4403 Human Computer Interaction
CS4990B Senior Design Project (Part-II)
Intelligent Systems Stream Specific Courses
IS3502 Advanced Databases
IS4503 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
IS4504 MIS & DSS
IS3702 Introduction to Soft Computing
IS4703 Artificial Neural Networks
IS4704 Digital Image Processing
IS3801 Bio-Informatics
IS4802 Computational Biology
IS4803 Bio-Inspired Computing
Software Engineering & Net Centric Stream Specific Courses
SN3107 Design of Programming Languages
SN3108 Real-Time Programming
SN3203 Computer Architecture
SN4109 Parallel Processing
SN4110 Computer Graphics
SN4304 Design Pattern
SN3405 Advanced Software Engineering
SN4406 Software Testing & Quality Engineering
SN4406 Software Project Management
SN3603 Distributed Systems
SN4604 Visual Programming
SN4605 Network Security
SN4606 Data Security & Encryption
SN4607 Mobile Computing
SN3608 Web Engineering
Management and Humanities Electives
MS4101 Production & Operation Management
MS4102 Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization
MS4103 Leadership & Team Management
MS4104 Total Quality Management
MS4105 Project Scheduling and Costing
MS4106 Operation Research
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