CASE Senate
CASE is a project of EET. The trust sets the strategic directions for CASE. The CASE Senate is the governing body of the institute. It strives to further the academic mission and integrity of the institute as a community of scholars and professionals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. The Senate acts as a whole, or in committees, to address a wide range of academic and administrative issues. The Senate approves all the rules and regulations of CASE. It plays an important role in shaping the institute and seeks to preserve and enrich CASE as a thriving academic institution.

  • President, CASE (Mr. Khalid Javed)
  • Dean Academics (Dr. Shafaat Ahmed Bazaz)
  • Registrar, CASE (Secretary)
  • Chairman Faculty of Engineering
  • Chairman Faculty of Managment Science
  • Chairman Faculty of Computing
  • Dr. Shoab A. Khan
  • Dr. Farrukh Kamran
  • Dr. Saeed ur Rehman
  • Dr. Zaheer Ahmed
  • Dr. Mohsin Rahmatullah
  • Dr. Sheikh M. Farhan
  • Mr. Hammad A. Khan
  • Engr. Saleem Ahmad Khan
  • Dr. M. D Shami
  • Dr. Aamer Iqbal Bhatti
  • Dr. Amir Qayyum
  • Dr. Imtiaz A. Taj
  • Dr. Ali Sajid