Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Pakistan is among the most preferred software outsourcing destination across the globe. The blooming software industry of Pakistan is providing quality services in terms of software codes and designs. Software Engineering is the engineering discipline that utilizes a systematic approach to the development, production, operation, and maintenance of software. The primary mission of Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program is the education of students who can define, design, develop, deliver and maintain high quality software systems within resource constraints; and to prepare students for careers as software engineers in industry and research.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering at SS CASE IT is designed while considering the current state of the art trends in the software industry. Through challenging curricula, high quality knowledge transfer and a technical emphasis, students learn and apply practices, tools, and techniques in real-world. This program is designed to produce future agents of change: individuals who will lead and improve the Software Engineering related industrial and academic practices and the state of the practice in the years to come. Our faculty provides guidance and mentoring based on years of industry experience in Software Engineering and/or related disciplines. Their expertise ranges from software architecture and software process improvement to managing people and risk.

Degree Requirements

Minimum of 133 credit hoursincluding a senior design project of 6 credit hours, with minimum CGPA of 2.00.


Minimum: 4 Years (8 Semesters)
Maximum: 6 Years (With One Year Extension)

Eligibility Criteria
  1. At least 50 % marks in Intermediate (HSSC), A-Level & equivalent examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.

  2. At least 50% marks for FSc, A-level or equivalent in Pre-Medical. No need to appear in Board intermediate level (FSC or equivalent) exams to clear their mathematics courses.

Semester - I
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SE1501 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies1Freshman Standing
SE1501L Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies1Freshman Standing
SE1001 Programming Fundamentals3Freshman Standing
SE1001L Programming Fundamentals Lab1Freshman Standing
SC1001 Calculus & Analytic Geometry3Freshman Standing
SC1201 Applied Physics3Freshman Standing
HU1002 English Composition & Comprehension3Freshman Standing
Total 15
Semester - II
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SE1002 Programming Techniques3Programming Fundamentals (CS1001)
SE1002L Programming Techniques Lab1Programming Fundamentals (SE1001)
SE2101 Software Engineering3Freshman Standing
HU1003 Communication & Presentation Skills3Freshman Standing
HU1101 Islamic Studies2Freshman Standing
HU1102 Pakistan Studies2Freshman Standing
SE2301 Discrete Structures3
Total 17
Semester - III
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SC2003 Linear Algebra3
SE2003 Data Structure and Algorithms3Programming Techniques (SE1002)
SE2003L Data Structure and Algorithms Lab1Programming Techniques (SE1002)
SE2004 Object Oriented Programming3Programming Techniques (SE1002)
SE2004L Object Oriented Programming Lab1Programming Techniques (SE1002)
SE2119 Software Requirement Engineering3Software Engineering (SE2101)
University-Elective-I3Sophomore Standing
Total 17
Semester - IV
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SC2004 Probability and statistics3
SE2201 Introduction to Database Systems3Data Structure and Algorithms (SE2003)
SE2201L Introduction to Database Systems Lab1Data Structure and Algorithms (SE2003)
SE2504 Operating Systems3Data Structure and Algorithms (SE2003)
SE2504L Operating Systems Lab1Data Structure and Algorithms (SE2003)
SE2102 Software Design and Architecture2Software Requirement Engineering
SE2102L Software Design and Architecture Lab1Software Requirement Engineering
University - Elective - II3As per specific course
Total 17
Semester - V
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SE3117 Software Construction and Development2Software Design and Architecture
SE3117L Software Construction and DevelopmentLab1Software Design and Architecture
SExxxx SE-supporting-I3
SE3008 Web Engineering3As per specific course
University Elective-III3
SE-Elective-I3As per specific course
SE-Elective-II3As per specific course
Total 18
Semester - VI
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SE3401 Computer Communication and Networks3
SE3401L Computer Communication and Networks Lab1
SE-supporting-II3As per specific course
SE3107 Software Quality Engineering3Software Engineering
HU3004 Technical & Business Writing3
SE3118 Software Re Engineering3Software Construction and Development
Total 16
Semester - VII
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SE4111 Senior Design Project-I3Senior Standing
SE3109 Software Project Management3Software Engineering
SE-Elective- III3
SE2105 Human Computer Interaction (HCI)3
HU3106 Professional Practices3
Total 18
Semester - VIII
Code Title Credit Hours Pre‐Requisite
SE4112 Senior Design Project-II3Senior Design Project-I (SE4111)
SE4406 Information Security3Senior Standing
SE-Supporting-III3As per specific course
SE-Elective-V3As per specific course
University-Elective-IV3As per specific course
Total 15
Software Engineering Supporting Courses (ANY THREE)

Code Title Pre‐Requisite
SE2131 Business Process Engineering
SE2132 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
SE2133 Operations Research
SE3104 Simulation and Modelling
SE2302 Stochastic Processes
Software Engineering Elective Courses (Any 5 courses from following list)

Code Title Pre‐Requisite
SE3120 Agent Based Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering
SE3121 Global Software DevelopmentSoftware Engineering
SE3122 Software Engineering EconomicsSoftware Engineering
SE2123 Software MetricsSoftware Engineering
SE2124 Topics in Software Engineering
SE3125 Real Time Systems
SE3126 Global Software DevelopmentSoftware Engineering
SE3127 E-Commerce
SE3128 Information Systems Audit
SE3129 Management Information Systems
SE2007 Visual ProgrammingProgramming Techniques (SE1002)
SE4111 Software Design Project-ISenior Standing
SE4112 Software Design Project-IISoftware Design Project-I (SE4111)
SE3009 System ProgrammingOperating Systems (SE2503)
SE3010 Video Game ProgrammingObject Oriented Programming (CS2004)
SE3011 Real-Time ProgrammingProgramming Techniques (SE1002)
SE3012 Principles of Programming LanguagesProgramming Techniques (SE1002)
SE3013 Modern Programming LanguageProgramming Techniques (SE1002)
SE3014 Advance Object-Oriented ProgrammingObject Oriented Programming (SE2004)
SE4115 Design PatternSoftware Engineering
SE4116 Principles of Software DevelopmentSoftware Engineering
SE3202 Data Mining and Data WarehousingIntroduction to Database Systems
SE3203 Advanced DatabaseIntroduction to Database Systems
SE3204 Big Data AnalyticsIntroduction to Database Systems
SE3205 Distributed Database SystemsIntroduction to Database Systems
SE3304 Digital Image ProcessingData Structure and Algorithms
SE3305 Computer GraphicsLinear Algebra
SE3304 Digital Image ProcessingData Structure and Algorithms
SE3308 Artificial Neural NetworkProbability and statistics
SE3309 Computer Vision
SE3310 Computer Animation
SE3311 Bio Informatics
SE3312 Natural Language Processing
SE3402 Network ProgrammingComputer Communication and Networks
SE4403 Cryptography & Network SecurityComputer Communication and Networks
SE3404 Cloud ComputingComputer Communication and Networks
SE4405 Parallel & Distributed ComputingOperating System
SE3402 Network ProgrammingComputer Communication and Networks
SE3407 Mobile ComputingComputer Communication and Networks
SE3408 Wireless NetworksComputer Communication and Networks
SE3409 Network Analysis and DesignComputer Communication and Networks
SE3410 Multimedia Communication
SE3407 Mobile ComputingComputer Communication and Networks
SE3408 Wireless NetworksComputer Communication and Networks

Note: Lab will be considered as a separate course

University Electives (Select any 4 Courses from the following)

Code Title
MS3801 Entrepreneurship & Technology
MS3802 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
MS3803 Leadership & Team Management
MS3804 Total Quality Management
MS3805 Project Scheduling and Costing
MS3806 Production and Operation Management
MS3808 Human Resource Management
MS3809 Marketing
MS3810 Economics
MS3811 Quality Control and Engineering Standards
MS3812 Quality Assurance and Management Systems
MS3813 Quality Improvement Tools and Methods
HU3201 Psychology
HU3202  Life Science
HU3203 Philosophy
MS3820 Financial Accounting
MS3821 Financial Management